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Our facilities

Our production facilities are perfectly well-suited for our business.

Throughout the premises, we pay extra special attention to hygiene and regular cleaning of all building elements (ceilings, walls, floors, etc.) to ensure its perfect maintenance and conservation.

Our factory is fully authorised by the Ministry of Health, whose certified inspectors carry out regular examinations and thorough monitoring of the production plant.

Although our production system is based on maintaining traditional ways of manufacturing this type of product, we nevertheless make use of the latest technology in machinery for those tasks where it can be employed.

Thus, we achieve a highly artisan product with the best in technology within the meat sector.

Zones and manufacturing process

Zones and manufacturing process

Elaboration and slaughter

This area is where the fresh meat from which our products are made is delivered and where it is cut and prepared for the various types of products we make. This heated and sterile area is cleaned and disinfected every day at the end of the work shift and the state of cleanliness of all surfaces in it is regularly tested by an independent laboratory. 

This area is where the different machines that operate in the manufacturing process are housed: Mincers, Kneaders, Sausage stuffers, Staplers, etc.


The DRYING SECTION is where the chorizos and marinated meats that are so characteristic of our area cure to maturity.

They are natural dryers, in which sausages are cured by combining the heat of oak charcoal with the pure air of the Soria region. This is only possible thanks to the specific characteristics of the Soria micro-climate, which is continental and very cold but at the same time very dry, thus enabling such a traditional meat curing system.

Packing and shipping

This area is where our products are given the different types of packing and packaging required before they are shipped off to different geographical areas.

It houses heat-sealing and vacuum-packing plant and the atmosphere is compensated with food gases. This type of packaging allows for cured products to be stored in excellent condition, even at room temperature. This enables us to offer the end consumer a ‘best by’ date for all our products of around 180 days with fully guaranteed quality.

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