Chorizo Extra Sarta Natural Dulce

Sarta natural sweet Extra Chorizo

Spicy sausage

A great product made with the best pork and totally natural ingredients, such as smoked paprika from La Vera, garlic and salt. It contains no artificial or natural additives, preservatives or colourings.

Suitable for eating raw, in slices or cubes, or cooked in any recipe which calls for chorizo; its exquisite flavour and delicate bouquet will leave you pleasantly surprised.

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials 
    • Shoulder and Lean meats: 50%
    • Pork Belly: 50%
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, La Vera sweet paprika and garlic
  •  Type of curing: Mixed. An initial 7-day process in a heated dryer, followed by a second 14-day process in natural charcoal and air dryers.
  •  Other data: Natural pig tripe. Packed individually under controlled atmospheric conditions and then in cardboard boxes with 18 units per box.  Each individual unit weighs approximately 330 g. Consume preferably before 180 days.
  • Nutritional data per 100 g of the product
    • Calorie level: ± 419 Kcal    ± 1740 Kj
    • Proteins: ± 27.60 g
    • Carbohydrates: ± 0.60 g
    • Fats: ± 34.10 g
    • Salt content: ± 3.74 g
    • Cholesterol: ± 70 mg

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