Chorizo Extra Recto Soria Picante
Spicy straight Soria Extra Chorizo

Spicy straight Soria Extra Chorizo

Spicy sausage

Made from top quality lean pork meat with a low-fat content and high protein value, mixed with natural ingredients, this product acquires a characteristic flavour thanks to the quality of its meats and its special curing in natural Holm oak charcoal-fired dryers. The quality of the La Vera variety of paprika added to it gives it a spicy touch to taste 

This product is ideal to eat in slices and as a snack. 

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials
    • Shoulder and Lean meats: 83%
    • Pork Belly: 17%
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, hot paprika, garlic and additives
  •  Type of curing: In natural dryers using charcoal and air. Approximate curing time: 20 days.
  •  Other data: Collagen (FIBRAN) skin. Packed in individual bags, 5 units per box. Approximate weight per unit: 1.65 kg. Consume preferably before 180 days.
  • Nutritional data per 100 g of the product
    • Calorie level: ± 254Kcal    ± 1085 Kj
    • Proteins: ± 27.40 g
    • Carbohydrates: ± 3.90 g
    • Fats: ± 15.00 g
    • Salt content: ± 4.11 g
    • Cholesterol: ± 70 mg

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