Chorizo Extra Recto Soria
Straight Soria Extra Chorizo

Straight Soria Extra Chorizo

Spicy sausage

Made from top quality lean pork meats with low fat content and high protein value, mixed with natural ingredients, this product acquires a characteristic flavour thanks to the quality of its meats and its special curing in natural Holm oak charcoal-fired dryers.  

This product is ideal for slicing and as a filling in sandwiches. It is a fat sausage, slightly less than the Chorizo Extra Recto Soria Gas.

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials
    • Shoulder and Lean meats: 83%
    • Pork Belly: 17%
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, sweet paprika, garlic and additives
  •  Type of curing: In natural dryers using charcoal and air. Approximate curing time: 20 days.
  •  Other data: Collagen (FIBRAN) skin. Packed in individual bags, 5 units per box. Approximate weight per unit: 1.65 kg. Consume preferably before 180 days.
  • Nutritional data per 100 g of the product
    • Calorie level: ± 254Kcal    ± 1085 Kj
    • Proteins: ± 27.40 g
    • Carbohydrates: ± 3.90 g
    • Fats: ± 15.00 g
    • Salt content: ± 4.11 g
    • Cholesterol: ± 70 mg

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