Bandeja 20 Torreznos precocinados
Tray of 20 pre-cooked Torreznos

Tray of 20 pre-cooked Torreznos

Torrezno de Soria

The production and consumption (frying) of pancetta or cured pork belly has always been and still is a great tradition in Spain, but such pancetta production is not done the same way across the country nor does the frying have the same result, and nor indeed is it called the same thing, with a variety of names used such as panceta, torrezno, bacon, tocineta, tocino frito, ... We manufacturers of Soria pork belly champion the idea that our pancetta and the product that results from frying it, Torrezno, are different from those in other Spanish provinces and are exclusive to Soria. The pre-cooked Torrezno de Soria is the best way of making authentic crispy Soria Torrezno quickly and easily. The product should be opened as soon as possible so that the rind loses moisture and it should be fried in deep, hot (180º) oil. That will give you a crispy and tasty product without any hassle. This format is especially designed for the public catering and Food Service industry.

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials 
    • Cured pork belly
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, paprika



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