El Torrezno de Soria

Embutidos Moreno-Sáez
Torrezno de Soria a la barbacoa (01:27)
Torrezno de Soria precocinado (01:32)
Torrezno desde panceta adobada (01:27)

Frying Torrezno de Soria

The production and consumption (frying) of pancetta or cured pork belly has always been and still is a great tradition in Spain, but such pancetta production is not done the same way across the country nor does the frying have the same result, and nor indeed is it called the same thing, with a variety of names used such as panceta, torrezno, bacon, tocineta, tocino frito, ...

Below, we bring you a series of videos and guides on how to cook our product properly, whether fried or grilled.


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