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Welcome to Moreno Saez, the award-winning Soria-based charcuterie factory that specialises in Torreznos de Soria. We’re a family business with more than 60 years of experience in the manufacture of premium-quality charcuterie made through natural processes using traditional ingredients that have been carefully selected, air dried, dry cured and oak-smoked in our very own natural drying sheds.

Torreznos de Soria


Dry-cured pork loins

Marinated meats

Torreznos de Soria worthy of the name

There is a wide variety of ways to prepare pork belly and different ways of frying it. Tradition and history have shown that the Torreznos de Soria by Embutidos Moreno Saez are unlike any other. This is why it is with great pride that we offer you the only Torrezno de Soria that has won the prize for the best torrezno in the world.

The flavours of our land

Quality and tradition since 1962

Video recipes by Embutidos Moreno Saez

Here’s a collection of practical and easy-to-follow video recipes from Embutidos Moreno Saez so you can discover how to prepare torreznos and get excellent results every single time. Let’s get cooking!

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Quick and easy torreznos

Making torreznos has never been easier. With our packs of pre-cooked torreznos, you only need a frying pan with some oil and 5 minutes to get the crackling crispy and a final product worthy of the best chefs.

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Recipe for pre-cooked torreznos

The easiest way to enjoy authentic Torreznos de Soria in record time with no cookery skills required. Our marinated pork belly of the highest quality is sliced, pre-cooked on our premises and packaged.



Our Torreznos de Soria in shavings

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