Extra Stuffed Loin

Lomo Embuchado Extra half pieces of approx. 800g Made with fresh pork loin from white pigs, it’s carefully salted and marinated, and then subsequently dry cured in natural drying sheds exposed to the cold air of Soria, which endow it with an unmistakable flavour and aroma. As it contains very little fat, hardly any preservatives, and has a very low salt content, this product is simply exceptional from a nutritional standpoint. The fresh pork loins from white pigs are delicately cured in our natural drying sheds in Soria to give them that distinctive touch of 100% artisan products. We recommend slicing it as thinly as possible to enhance its flavour and aroma. It’s also very important to consume it at room temperature.


Fresh pork loin
La Vera paprika