Lomo Embuchado Extra

Extra-grade Lomo


This is our highest quality product. Made with carefully salted and marinated fresh loins of white pork, it is cured in natural dryers in the cold air of Soria to give it unmatched quality and bouquet. With almost no fat, very few preservatives and a very low salt content, this product is, from the nutritional point of view, exceptional. We recommend slicing it as thin as possible to enhance its flavour and aroma and it is very important to eat it at room temperature.

Ideal for snacks, sandwiches with tomato bread, etc....

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials 
    • Fresh pork loin sausage
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, La Vera paprika
  •  Type of curing: In natural dryers using charcoal and air. Approximate curing time: 35 days.
  •  Other data: Collagen casing of various sizes. Vacuum packed in bags and in carboard boxes (2 pieces of loin sausage, 6 half pieces per box). Best before: 180 days


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