Chorizo Sarta Primera Picante
Sarta Spicy First-Grade Chorizo

Sarta Spicy First-Grade Chorizo

Spicy sausage

This product is designed to be used both in cooked recipes or in barbecues. It is a slightly greasier chorizo than the Extras but nevertheless of good quality and flavour. It contains a small amount of preservatives to keep its characteristics at the half-cured point it is packed in.

It is best grilled or barbecued, or in vegetable and potato stews, etc. and even Spanish tortillas (omelettes).

Ingredients and other data

  •  Raw materials 
    • Shoulder and Lean meats: 70%
    • Pork Belly: 30%
  •  Condiments & spices: Salt, La Vera paprika, garlic and additives.
  •  Type of curing: In natural dryers using charcoal and air. Approximate curing time: 7 days.
  •  Other data: Natural pig tripe. Vacuum-packed on heat-sealed trays (7 units per tray). Each unit weighs approximately 500 g. Consume preferably before 180 days.
  • Nutritional data per 100 g of the product
    • Calorie level: ± 448 Kcal   ± 1860 Kj
    • Proteins: ± 27.00 g
    • Carbohydrates: ± 1.90 g
    • Fats: ± 45.00 g
    • Salt content: ± 3.54 g
    • Cholesterol: ± 75 mg

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