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Embutidos Moreno-Sáez

Our beginnings

EMBUTIDOS MORENO SAEZ, S.L. is a family business set up by V. Samuel Moreno Saez in 1962, when he went his separate way from the sausage factory that he and his brother inherited from their father, Baldomero Moreno, in a village in La Rioja.

The reason why he chose Soria as the place to site his factory was essentially the exceptional climate that the area of Soria has for natural curing and drying of chorizos. Soria is on the high Castilian plateau at an altitude of about 1,000 metres above sea level, which affords it a very cold and extremely dry continental climate, ideal for drying and naturally curing the chorizo and marinated meats produced in this area. That is why this province is at the forefront of chorizo production in Spain and is widely acclaimed for the high quality of the products it manufactured here.

Work philosophy

Work philosophy

The philosophy underlying our work focuses on manufacturing a very high-quality product using the most natural processes possible, with rigorously selected traditional ingredients and matured by means of oak-fired carbon heat and air in our natural dryers.

Thanks to our processing techniques, we are confident we supply traditional products of proven quality in which our customers perceive the full flavour of our land and the hard work of our company: EMBUTIDOS MORENO-SÁEZ.

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